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The workshop involves learning alternative mark-making skills, mixed medium techniques and ways in which to paint the landscape in your own style whilst finding your own inner expression.  I provide all materials and we work with water-based substances.  

This workshop is a calling to let go of the inner pressure of being scared to put something down on the paper and give yourself the outlet to allow what is inside of you to come out onto the paper. My style is very much expressive, abstract and through my art, I explore my inner expression and that’s what I’ll be teaching you to find within yourself. I realise through running this type of workshop that everyone’s style is different and that is the beauty of art. We all interpret what we see around us differently. That is how it is meant to be, uniquely your own and that’s what I’ll be allowing you to find and harness on this short course.  

Everyone has an intrinsic style and it’s allowing the time, space and permission for it to be nurtured out of ourselves. This workshop is to allow you to grow and learn skills in confidence to put down marks on paper and ways in which you can forward a piece or rectify if you want to change. Nothing is a failure or ‘wrong’ as things can always be worked through and I teach ways in which to balance a piece of work and the push/ pull method of rectifying a work and surrendering to the process.  

The magical landscape of Knoydart will be our inspiration as we will be able to see it change clearly from our surroundings. I’ll show you different ways in which to capture what we see around us with confidence and through demonstrations of many techniques. 


Our retreats include seven days, six nights and a five-day programme of masterclasses and painting challenges.

MON pm - arrive on the 18:00 boat from Mallaig to Inverie for the group welcome dinner

TUE am - go on a two hour silent walk with one of the Knoydart Rangers

TUE to SAT - daily masterclasses, painting challenges in both the wilderness and at the studio based at The Knoydart Hall

SUN am - board the 09:00 morning boat back to Mallaig and your onward journeys

One evening during the week you'll enjoy a session at The Old Forge (Britain's most remote pub!)

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