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The Knoydart Photography Retreat is delighted and honoured to host Julian Calverley and the ALPA Academy at our bespoke photography retreats. 
Julian’s landscape work is held in many private collections around the world, with his latest large format book of Scottish landscapes NORTH NORTHWEST winning both the BBD&P ‘Best British Book’ & ‘Book of the Year’ 
Julian is one of the UK’s top advertising, landscape and location photographers with many years’ experience and countless industry awards. His unique ability to create striking visual identities and memorable campaigns has gained him an outstanding reputation with clients worldwide.


He is an ambassador for ALPA cameras and leads workshops and adventures for the the ALPA Academy, the Knoydart Retreat and independently for direct clients. You can find out more about Julian’s workshops, including a calendar of events, HERE
Delicately balancing his control over light, colour palette and composition, Julian brings a stunning cinematic style to rural and urban landscapes and a bold yet natural feel to people and automotive work. Whether using multiple exposure, working with complex composites or capturing everything 'in-camera' his hands-on approach to planning, shooting and post-production enables him to foresee costly errors and time-saving opportunities, while maintaining creative control and direction. 
With a personal love for the great outdoors and over three decades of experience in professional photography, Julian has become one of the UK’s most revered landscape photographers. Hooked from an early age by the breath-taking beauty of the Scottish Highlands, he has carved out a unique cinematic style of landscape photography that is instantly recognisable. 
Julian is drawn to the light quality that autumn and winter bring, repeatedly working at dawn and dusk, experiencing the spirit of a place as the sun rises and sets. Visiting these environments time and time again, often in extreme weather, allows him to witness the elements in all their different states. One element in particular – water, both in liquid and cloud form – features heavily in his compositions. By using long shutter speeds, Julian brings the movement of water into his landscape work, harnessing the beauty and motion of mountain rivers, streams, shorelines and skies. 
To read more about Julian, his photography, books and awards, head to his website – HERE 
Below is an example of some of Julian's incredible photography from around the Scottish Highlands. 

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